By Albert Abril
Feature film

The story features the adventures of a mechanic who repairs skyline neon signs and who by chance meets two radio and TV reporters who offer him several jobs. These always end up with someone he doesn’t know trying to kill him.


A production by: Barcelona Film, Mallerich Films (formerly known as Virginia Films)
With the participation of: Televisió de Catalunya
With the support of: ICAA, ICEC

Script and direction: Albert Abril
Producer: Paco Poch
Cinematography: Llorenç Soler
Edition: Emili Rodríguez
Sound: Joan Quilis
Original music: Toti Soler, Mauricio Villavecchia
Costumes: Regina Martins
Hairdresser: Margarida Font
Makeup: María Sánchez


David: Feodor Atkine
Lynda: Assumpta Serna
Jordi: Lluís Homar
Rosa: Viviane Vives
Assistant: Moises Torner
Professor: Víctor Israel
Fran: Jordi Torras


Year: 1989
Genre: Drama
Aspect ratio: 1:1.66
Languages: Spanish (original version), Catalan (dubbed version)
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 100 min