By Jordi Cadena and Cesc Gelabert
TV Documentary

Juan Belmonte has been one of the greatest, and maybe the most forgotten, bullfighters in Spain. Lidia Azzopardi and Xesc Gelabert wanted to pay him a tribute by creating a surrealistic dance performance.
This is the TV version of their performance, an innovative concept of dance and a new way of corporal expression.


A production by: TV3, Mallerich Films (formerly known as Virginia Films), Zoom Television
An initiative of the Gelabert/Azzopardi dance company
Direction: Jordi Cardena and Cesc Gelabert
Choreography: Lidia Azzopardi
Executive production: Paco Poch, Carles Severino
Delegated production: Jonni Bassiner
Cinematography: Llorenç Soler
Art direction and costumes: Frederic Amat
Original music: Carlos Santos


Gelabert/Azzopardi dance company

Technical details

Year: 1990
Genre: Documental
Aspect ratio: 3/4
Languages: Catalan
Runtime: 80 min