By Manuel Balaguer
Short Film

A teenager obsessed with action video games climbs to the roof to play with a pellet gun. Things unexpectedly changed after he shot a neighbor girl.


A production by: Mallerich Films (formerly known as Virginia Films)
With the support of: ICAA, ICEC
With the participation of: SNK Corporation

Script and direction: Manuel Balaguer
Producer: Paco Poch
Executive production: Isidro Terraza, Manuel Balaguer
Delegated production: Jordi Balló, Yves Jeanneau
Cinematography: Llorenç Soler
Art direction: Pau Ros
Editing: Esteve Tort
Sound: Ricardo Giestas
Sound design: Ricard Casals
Original score: Eduardo Arbide, Pere Aguilar
Costumes: Anna Baño “La Mosca”
Makeup: Liliana Pereña


Laia Gasch
Jordan Giralt


Year: 1992
Genre: Thriller
Aspect ratio: 1:1.66
Languages: Spanish, English
Subtitles: Spanish, English
Runtime: 10 min