By David Betbesé
Short film

In an unknown time and place, men live through life without any hope or wish. They just work, and their only amusement is “El Canal”, an all-powerful and omnipresent TV channel. In this world there is also an elite of men, they call themselves “The Players” because they have been born and trained just to play pool and risk their lives in each match. Once in a while, “El Canal” broadcasts one of these pool games. The next one on TV will be Guy de Benassar vs Abel Jeremeck.


A production by: Mallerich Films (formerly known as Virginia Films)
With the associated production of: Visual Grup
With the participation of: TV3

Screenplay and direction: David Betbesé
Producer: Paco Poch
Cinematography: Javier Catalán
Art direction: Rafael Griera, Oriol Roca
Editing: Joan Pavia
Original music: Eduardo Arbide
Sound: Juan Sánchez “Cuti”


Àlex Rigola
Oriol Roca
Carles Romeu

Pere: Marc Galcerà
Mateu: Jordi Costa
Ramon: Pep Molina
Empresari: Hermann Bonnín


Year: 1993
Genre: Science fiction
Aspect ratio: 1:1.66
Languages: Catalan
Runtime: 13 min