By Óscar Aibar

A young unemployed journalist finds the way to make a living by controlling the incredible power of the rumours. With this purpose, he creates a small company and establishes the rules of what he thinks is a new and revolutionary business. One day, he discovers he is not a pioneer: for some decades the world has been manipulated by big multinationals, dedicated to create and spread rumours.


Produced by: Televisió de Catalunya, Grup Radiotelevisió Valenciana, Mallerich Films Paco Poch, Hispanocine
With the participation of: Canal Plus
With the support of: ICEC, Generalitat Valenciana

Direction: Óscar Aibar and Montecarlo
Executive producers: Paco Poch, Sergio Castellote
Delegated producers: Creu Rodríguez (TV3), Paco Picó (Canal 9)
Screenplay: Óscar Aibar i Montecarlo
Cinematography: Toni Anglada
Casting: Pep Armengol
Art direction: Oriol Puig
Sound: Xavi Mulet
Costume: Núria Cardoner
Make-up: Piluca Guillem
Original music: Javier Navarrete


Pere: Xavi Mira
Maria: Núria Prims
Montse: Mercè Comes
Eva: Ana Risueño
Paco: Jordi Boixaderes
Secret agent: Albert Dueso
CESID: Paco Hidalgo
Seller: Pere Ponce
Snowflake: Benito Pocino


Year: 2007
Genre: Comedy
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Languages: Catalan, Spanish (dubbed)
Runtime: 77 min



Best Photography at La Mostra de València, 2007
Best Sound at Premis Tirant, 2007