By Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada
Feature film

A quiet middle class world of good intentions begins to crumble when fourteen-year-old Miriam meets her internet boyfriend for the first time. While her family and friends prepare for her a traditional fifteen birthday party, Miriam doesn’t know how to explain that her boyfriend is black.


Produced by: Faula Films
In coproduction with: Mallerich Films Paco Poch
In association with: Black María, Estudio Quitasueño and Lastcrit Postproducción
With the support of: DGCINE, FONPROCINE, Programa IBERMEDIA, Tribeca Latin America Fund, Banco BHD León, Banco ADOPEM, Consorcio Energético Punta Cana-Macao, Constructora Global, Eco Petróleo, COBINCA, ICAA, Institut Ramon Llull

Screenplay and direction: Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada
Producers: Natalia Cabral, Oriol Estrada, Jordi Comellas
Executive Producers: Natalia Cabral, Oriol Estrada, Jordi Comellas, Paco Poch, Pablo Mustonen, Gabriel Tineo
Production Manager: Lei González
Cinematography: Israel Cárdenas
Editing: Oriol Estrada, Aina Calleja
Sound: Amanda Villavieja
Art direction: Mónica de Moya
Sound editing: Alejandro Castillo
Original Score: Ernesto Paredano
Make-up: Teda Pedié
Costume: Gina Terc


Miriam: Dulce Rodríguez
Jennifer: Carolina Rohana
Tere: Pachy Méndez
Miguel: Frank Perozo
Fernando: Vicente Santos
Doña Teresa: Ana María Arias
Claudia: Margaux Da Silva
Tata: María Castillo
Choreographer: Georgina Duluc
Patricia: Beatriz Machuca
Laura: Cecile Van Welie
Soraya: Isabel Polanco


Year: 2018
Genre: Drama
Aspect Ratio: Scope 2.39:1
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Runtime: 90 min.



Commendation of the Ecumenical Jury in Karlovy Vary Film Festival
Golden Colón for Best Film in Huelva Film Festival, 2018
Alma Award for Best Spanish Film Script in Gijón Film Festival, 2018
SFCC Critic’s award in Cinelátino 31 Rencontres de Tolouse, 2019