By Gerardo Panichi & Daniele Villa
TV documentary

Often the truth is hidden for the contemporary man. So just a few know that the fiercest predator is an oyster, or that mermaids really existed in Provence Alps.
This documentary film is a trip to Joan Fontcuberta’s world and reveals his unbelievable discoveries in the misty land that exists between fiction and reality.
Dedicated to all skeptics of the world.


Produced by: Citrullo International (Italy), Televisió de Catalunya, Mallerich Films Paco Poch, Medianimacion
In coproduction with: Jerome Bellavista, The Banff New Media Institute, The Banff Centre (Canada)
With the support of: ICIC, MEDIA development

Screenplay and Direction: Gerardo Panichi, Daniele Villa
Producers: Miquel Álvarez, Paco Poch
Delegates producers TVC: Jordi Ambrós, Joan Casas
Cinematography: Luciano Barcaroli, Carlo Hintemann
Editing: Erik King Smith
Art direction: Geraldo Pipazkia
Original music: Luca Venitucci, Aleksander Caric
Sound: Daniele Vella
Costume: Carlos J.Kulaka, Gianna Villa


With the participation of: Marti Peran, Joan Fontcuberta, Pere Formiguera, Victoria Combalia, Jorge Wagensberg, Francesc Uribe, Carme Prats Joaniquet, Giulietto Chiesa, Vaura Senesi, Nadine Gómez, A Mermaid

Joan Fontcuberta’s projects: Fotomuntatges (72-77), Herbàrium (82-85), Fauna Secreta (85-89, with the collaboration of Pere Formiguera), Frottogrames (87-90), Palimsests (89-93), Safari (92-96), Cal·ligrames de llum (93-99), Constel·lacions (93), L’artista i la fotografia (95-98), Sputnik (96-98), Hemogrames (98-99), Sirenes (99-00), Aeròlits (00), Karelia (01-03), L’île aux Basques (02-03), Mazzeri (03-04)



Year: 2005
Genre: Documentary
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Languages: Catalan/Italian/French
Subtitles: Catalan
Runtime: 57 min.



Best TV Documentary at the Nuovi Linguaggi Section, at Festival ArteCinema in Rome